Avengers Assemble #11




siren songs lure human men to a watery grave. even speaking to the mermaids will cause them to follow them in the ocean. but deedee, the hopeless romantic with a thing for land-walkers, got around it by dating the female ones who were always unaffected.

but then one day, along with the other members of her band who swam to the surface, she saw Shark Week perform on the beach and she fell in love with the lead singer

but maybe this time, things will be different. maybe dee can find a way to be with august without… well, unintentionally drowning him.

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sugar series //colors oranized neatly

emily blincoe

july/august 2013


"Ohhh?" Metatron mused, flipping through the pages of a novel. "I think I understand you better than you’d think. Sorry you didn’t like the script though," he waved the Winchester Gospel into the Holy Fire. "A bit over-the-top."

"You probably could have consulted some older scripts. You seem pretty oblivious to what I’m capable of, Meta-douche." Gabriel grumbled, clenching his fists tighter.

so i did a whole meta write-up on gabe and my urge to be all things gabriel was so strong i had to transform it into the visual equivalent too i wANT HIM BACK


Merlin knows better

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